Ferrari could be mid-field team in 2012

Journalists on Twitter are speculating that Ferrari could be a mid-field team for 2012. On day one at Jerez, Felipe Massa could only manage 9th place (Out of 12) with 1:22.815 after 69 Laps. This time was 3.145 off Raikkonen who topped the time-sheets.

On the 2nd day at Jerez, Managed 7th (Out of 12) with 1.20.454 after 95 laps. This time was 1.893 off Schumacher’s time which was the days fastest.

On day three at Jerez, Fernando Alonso took over in the F2012 and he managed 7th (out of 10) with 67 laps in which he set a time of 1.20.412. Alonso’s time was 2.799 off the Mercedes of Nico Rosberg who was the fastest.

Ferrari had a less than successful 2011 season, with only one win and 10 podiums to their name, all of them coming from Fernando Alonso.

So are Ferrari set to spend at least a year in the mid-field fighting the Toro Rosso’s and the Sauber’s, The Force India’s and the Williams? We’ll know in 34 days.



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3 responses to “Ferrari could be mid-field team in 2012

  1. Mr. Sir.

    Could we truly consider 11 podiums from a single driver to be less than successful? Granted they would have hoped better, butt 11 podiums is still great.

    • Yes but when you have McLaren and Red Bull on podium every race and Ferrari deem themselves equal, than it is unsuccesful. Know what I mean? I’m not saying they are crap! I’m just pointing out, its unsuccesful against their goals.

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