F1 Survey Results

I compiled a survey to see what drivers, teams, tracks etc. were the most popular. Here are the results:

People surveyed: 50


What age are you:
0-18 years 22%
18-30 years 40%
31-50 years 34%
51-70 years 4%

How long have you watched Formula One?
One Year 2%
Two Years 2%
Three Years 6%
Four Years 4%
Five-Ten Years 12%
Eleven + Years 74%

Who do you think will win the 2012 Drivers Championship?
Sebastian Vettel 26%
Mark Webber 6%
Jenson Button 22%
Lewis Hamilton 14%
Fernando Alonso 16%
Michael Schumacher 16%

Who is your favourite driver in F1?
Sebastian Vettel 4%
Mark Webber 8%
Jenson Button 20%
Lewis Hamilton 16%
Fernando Alonso 8%
Michael Schumacher 28%
Nico Rosberg 2%
Kimi Raikonnen 6%
Nico Hulkenburg 2%
Kamui Kobayashi 2%
Bruno Senna 2%
Heikki Kovalainen 2%

What was your favourite race of 2011?
Australia 2%
Monaco 4.1%
Canada 61.2%
Silverstone 2%
Germany 2%
Belgium 12.2%
Italy 8.2%
Singapore 6.1%
Brazil 2%

Who was the most worthy race winner of 2011?
Sebastian Vettel 34%
Mark Webber 8%
Jenson Button 46%
Lewis Hamilton 6%
Fernando Alonso 6%

Who do you wish had won a race in 2011?
Felipe Massa 8%
Michael Schumacher 44%
Nico Rosberg 18%
Vitaly Petrov 4%
Bruno Senna 6%
Paul Di Resta 10%
Jaime Alguersuari 2%
Rubens Barrichello 6%
Heikki Kovalainen 2%

What team do you wish had won the constructors championship?
Red Bull 22%
McLaren 46%
Ferrari 10%
Mercedes 10%
Renault 4%
Force India 2%
Williams 6%

What team do you think will win the 2012 Constructors championship?
Red Bull 38%
McLaren 44%
Mercedes 16%
Marussia 2&

Any additional comments?

“18-30 category makes me feel old! Put 30 as the start of the next category in future =P”

“Great job! ;)”

“Boycot sky until they offer F1 on a pay per view basis instead of the current package”

“C’mon JB !!!”

“I hate sky”

“2012 is gonna be Epic with 6 WDC..hold onto your seat:-)”



“Michael (Schumacher, obviously) is the best FOREVER”

“Michael is The best forever”

Thanks to all who took part in this survey!


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